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Engage your channels reps & sell more

ChannelAssist is a SaaS solution with huge clients such as Microsoft, HP, Asus. Their aim is to dramatically boost their clients sales through channel reps at technology stores, utilizing techniques like gamification, rewards, education, and more. However, despite being such a decorated company, their website was subpar, with not only an outdated look & poor user experience, but many errors. They were using WordPress with a legacy theme, and their website didn't properly explain what the company did. ChannelAssist hired Veza Digital to create a top-notch website that properly portrayed the company, while sticking to their company look & feel.

Google Analytics
CMS Creation
UX/UI Design
Graphic Design
Analytics Reporting
Responsive Website
Modern CMS
Illustrations + Animations
Google Analytics Set-Up

Sell more & build your brand

Computer companies spend a lot of time working on perfecting their messaging, D2C strategy, and lots of other sales channels - However, the most powerful branding & sales technique is sales reps who know & love your brand. While ChannelAssist is amazing at what they do, getting new leads was a challenge with such an outdated website. We came along and solved their problem in less than 2 months while working alongside their marketing director to create a perfect inbound sales funnel.


Beautiful and Efficient

Along with a great website, we brought ChannelAssist's business to the next level utilizing an impeccable user flow, well-timed CTA's, and copywriting that explained their offering in the best way possible. As a company with a large internal team, we prepared everything to be handed off to the company by utilizing simple, effective technology, and educating their entire marketing team on using + improving their already amazing website & marketing strategy.

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