Webflow Developer

Serbia (Remote)

What we need

We are looking for a talented & hard-working Webflow professional who understands the fundamentals of user experience & user interface design, and has lots of experience creating kick-ass websites.

The role

We need someone who is capable of working on Webflow projects in a variety of different niches for our clients. Working in an agency requires the ability to think fast, multitask, and always be open to trying new things.

Our ideal candidate knows about more than just Webflow development - If you understand how websites work with marketing campaigns, and are able to work on jobs related to CRO, landing page development, and web copywriting, you're a perfect fit for us.

If not, apply anyways! While we ideally would like to work with candidates who are skilled in the entire ecosystem of web projects, there is also room for dedicated designers/developers.

Job responsibilities

  1. Working directly with our web director & project manager on all web projects
  2. Understanding client needs and requirements
  3. Meeting pre-approved deadlines
  4. Creating Webflow sites with a proper structure (Class names)

Ideal Skills

  1. Webflow Development
  2. Figma
  3. Web copy
  4. CRO
  5. UX/UI Design

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