Account Manager

Serbia (Remote)

What we need

We need a dedicated account manager who is able to understand requirements & deadlines from the client and coordinate with the project manager and service directors to ensure everything is managed from start to finish, including ensuring timelines, quality standards, and overall client expectations are being met.

Why we need it

As the company grows, we are seeing more clients, and these clients are becoming larger companies with larger projects. Up until this point, one account manager with the help of service directors has managed the projects - which is fine when we are working on a smaller number of projects for a smaller number of clients, but as time goes on we are getting more projects and accounts that have more moving pieces, and are often spread across different services.

This leads to a general lack of effective communication between all parties as to what is going on with each client project, and we are having both timelines and project details being missed in the delivery process.

The role

We need someone who understands the ins and outs of account management, who is an excellent problem solver. We are a company focused on solution oriented processes and have built out many processes regarding account management which you will have to adapt to in many ways, however, we recognize our problem in account management, which is why we are looking for an expert to come in and improve & manage our processes without causing unproductive disruption. For example, we have a roughly 30 person team, and switching the tool we use (ClickUp) for project and account management would be an extremely difficult undertaking, and it is not something we are looking to do.

As an expert, you have experience in an account management role, or similar, in a marketing agency or service-based digital agency. You are keen to meet deadlines and thrive off of growing your accounts through upsell opportunities. 

You have experience working with tools such as HubSpot, Slack, Clickup, GSuite, and you’re driven to continue to learn best practices in all areas.

Knowledge in the digital marketing space and the services applicable is a key asset to success.

Job responsibilities

  1. Onboarding new clients and white-label partners by utilizing our processes
  2. Hosting kick-off calls with the client and/or the project manager to understand the project scope, along with the clients’ priorities and goals
  3. Working with project managers to plan deliverables in ClickUp
  4. Reporting weekly on the status of projects to the client
  5. Planning & conducting calls with clients to review deliverables
  6. Receiving feedback from clients & delivering information to the project manager and service directors - along with assisting with timelines for delivering the work/revisions
  7. Creating procedures to increase the effectiveness of our account management (ex. Hosting weekly meetings for each project with the client, ways to upsell and maintain the client long term and increasing their LTV)
  8. Being the liaison between the client and the project manager to ensure assets have been provided to the right teams (ex. Domain access, images, etc) and deliverables are clearly outlined on all fronts
  9. Create client lifecycles that outlines the growth potential of the client’s account and how the rest of the team fits in to create upsell opportunities
  10. Develop personal relationships with the clients, while working with the project manager in order to assist in maintaining it
  11. Following current SOPs on managing accounts while looking for areas for improvement.


  1. Client satisfaction rate
  2. On-time payments
  3. Dollar figure of upsells
  4. Process improvement

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