How to continue growing your web agency when you already have 100 clients

A successful growth strategy includes innovative ideas and an approach that touches every area of the business from lead generation to customer support.
Yelena Petic

Digital marketing agencies have a delicate balance that must be maintained. They need to provide excellent service for their existing customers, while also reaching out into new markets.  A successful agency will use a holistic approach in every area of the business from lead generation to customer buying experience and pricing strategy all the way down to support services.

A successful agency growth strategy will include innovative ideas and an approach that touches every area of the business from lead generation to customer buyer journey-touching pricing as well as customer support too!

Table Of Contents:

  1. Look back at past successes
  2. You've found your strengths, now look at your tech
  3. Open communication between you & your clients
  4. Service plans & pricing
  5. Diversify your offerings
  6. Expand your team
  7. Switch up your own marketing efforts

1. Look Back At Past Successes.

Digital marketing agencies are constantly looking for ways to grow their business. This is no different when you're a digital agency that already has 100 websites under management because it can be hard to find new clients and compete with other businesses in the industry. Especially if your competition is bigger than yours. Don't despair! There's hope yet.

Go back through the successes of your past work experience and think about what worked well before so you don't have any doubt about where this could lead next time around as an experienced manager from here on out.

Think broadly - were there certain verticals or customers who did particularly well? Is there something specific like payment plans or pricing models which seemed effective? Maybe these details will help guide future decisions once again.

2. You've Found Your Strengths Now look At Tech & Tools.

Growth is a journey. It's not always easy and it takes some creativity to find the right path for your business. But if you take that first step in defining what your strengths are now as well as where you want them to be then all of those other steps will fall into place much more easily with any help from these tools along the way!

3. Open Communication Between Your Agency & Client.

One of the most effective ways to streamline your business process is through content collection. This can be done by collecting information about a client during sign up or even before they do to have the information already in place. For example, tools like Webform allow agencies to load data from clients into their personalized website while also being able to share feedback with teammates and customers in real-time as it's happening! Digital marketing agencies that want to streamline their processes should be sure they're using specialized tools like feedback widgets.

Feedback from clients can help digital marketers better understand the needs of potential clients and communicate with teammates more efficiently, as well as get a feel for what works on the website before it's even launched.

4.  Service Plans, Packages & Pricing.

What if you had a service plan that scales along with your customer's needs? Introducing this option will help ensure their experience remains positive and something they'll want to continue using. This is especially useful for businesses who are on the lower end of consumer demand, but still need higher-quality services in order to grow any further.

Organizations need to think about their clients in a holistic, 360-degree way. In order for this goal to be accomplished successfully they may want service plans that include lower end and higher end options depending on the client's needs and goals as well as offer white label or full blown side by side/hand holding services at different price points.

This will allow them to bring more customers into an organization while still reserving some of these clients who pay premiums because they are willing to work closely with you.

5. Diversify Your Offerings.

When a digital marketing agency has obtained 100 website customers, they have their web design down packed and it's time to consider adding other services like email marketing or display advertising. The key is to focus on services you think the clients will be able to easily tie back into your offer so that everything can work together seamlessly in order for them to manage their online presence more effectively. Tying those other offerings back to your clients' web design for an all-inclusive package of everything the client needs in order to manage their online presence successfully.

6. It’s Time To Expand Your Team.

The digital marketing agency becomes a honeycomb of sorts, with each worker having their own niche. One person could be the design expert while another is solely in sales. As soon as you enter into an aggressive growth phase it’s crucial to ensure that your staff are using all tools at hand and not just one or two areas of expertise. Otherwise they will become too busy for any other work which leads to potential problems such as creative stagnation, loss productivity and errors on behalf of those who are overwhelmed by workload (which can lead back again to more hiring).

So yes - eventually it's important that these agencies hire new employees outside what is already considered their core skill set because this encourages creativity within the company itself!

7. It's Time To Switch Up Your Own Digital Marketing Efforts.  

In order to grow, most agencies will need to branch out and pursue their own leads instead of waiting for them. This is because it becomes more difficult the larger an agency gets- they can't rely on steady lead flow from a single source like website sales. They have 100 websites already that are just sitting there doing nothing; this means it's time for the agency owners to take matters into their own hands by finding new avenues of growth in digital marketing efforts such as SEO or social media campaigns rather than relying solely on methods that worked in the beginning. This is a new phase of growth, so out with the lid in with the new.

Digital agencies should have marketing specialists engaging with clientele on the inbound strategy. This is important because digital marketers are great at creating content and, as a result, education has become an integral part of their everyday responsibilities. Content creation will lead to growth for your company which means you need to invest time into finding co-marketing opportunities that best suit your needs so that potential clients can be educated about what it takes to succeed in today's marketplace.

The Takeaway:

There are a few pitfalls that many digital marketing agencies fall into when entering the growth phase. One is to implement their process prematurely which can lead them down an unsuccessful path and waste time, money, and energy on things they should have waited for. To avoid this pitfall it's important not only to take your time in planning out any product or service launch but also stick with a dedicated client communication schedule around these events so you're sure there will be no confusion about what goes where so that you don't confuse anyone about what's happening next!

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